Unicorn Horn Dildos in VIVID Color! Posted on 13 Mar 17:44

Unicorn Horn Dildos
Experience the Unicorn Horn Dildo magic in New VIVID Rainbow Colors! They really are as fun as they look :)

Live VIVID Here

3 Levels of Sex Toy Softness Now Available @!! Posted on 4 Feb 18:40

It's HERE!!

You now can get ANY of our toys in 3 Levels Of Softness!!

Your softness options are:

  • Standard Firm 20A   (This has been the squish level of most of our toys until now)
  • Medium Squish 10A
  • Super Squish 00-50

Just choose from the Softness Level drop down window and choose your softness pleasure :)

So many toys, so much SQUISH!!

Go Get Your Squish On Now!


Uni-Candy Horn Dildos are here! Posted on 6 Oct 11:10

unicorn horn dildo body safe sex toys
Uni-Candy Horns are here!! Our magical unicorn horn dildos are now available in Halloween Uni-Candy colors! So deliciously fun. Ride one today!

Split Peaches has landed in the U.K.!!! Posted on 18 Jan 16:19

** BIG NEWS **

Split Peaches has landed in the U.K.!!!

Unicorn Horns and Screw Yous are NOW IN STOCK ready to ship across the U.K.!!

Check them out in person or order them online from Latex Leather & Lace =>  

Split Peaches Body Safe Silicone Sex Toys


BLACK FRIDAY 25% Off All Sex Toys and Dildos at Posted on 24 Nov 12:23

Save 25% Off all Sex Toys, Dildos, Buttplugs, Unicorn Horns, Rivetors with Code: BLACKFRIDAY2017

New Candy Twist Unicorn Horn Dildo Colors! Posted on 10 Nov 11:31

Candy Twist Unicorn Horn Dildos

Say hello to Candy Twist Colors!

Grape, Lime, Orange and Bubble Gum
Our signature Unicorn Horn dildos are now available in a delicious metallic swirl of passion pleasure.  Mouth watering to look at and orgasmic to ride, these beauties are now available!!

View All Candy Twist Toys

Listen to "Screw You & Your Unicorn Too!" With Split Peaches @AllTheSexRadio Posted on 15 Oct 11:40


We had the amazing opportunity to chat with Mark and Rebecca over at All The Sex Podcast!! Come check it out and learn a little about Split Peaches!

-Andy :)

   Listen to "Screw You & Your Unicorn Too! - With Split Peaches" on Spreaker.

Snap Split Peaches on SnapChat for Quick Disappearing Sales! Posted on 27 Aug 13:16 sex toys
Follow Split Peaches on Snapchat for quick disappearing sales!!

Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby! The “Where” and “When” Posted on 15 Nov 18:11

We all know those moments when we just want to blurt out, “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!?” Your partner is fingering you like a jackrabbit, reminding you of a bad date in 7th grade. They go down on you and you can’t help but drift away and think about the cobwebs on the ceiling. They use too much tongue, not enough tongue and sometimes it is borderline painful. Having sex in complete silence or trying too hard to sound like a porn star that it becomes comical. But how do you tell them without totally crushing their sex ego?

The Screw You Dildo Product Highlight Posted on 5 Oct 21:16

Attention all DIY’ers!

How about adding THIS tool to your belt? Screw You is the latest and greatest in the steam punk line of dildos. If you haven’t checked it out yet, get on it (literally…get on it!). Choose a color and size and go to town. Home Depot has nothing on this thing! Not only do the threads add a nice texture during playtime, but you can literally watch it slowly (or quickly) enter your vagina and/or ass with every turn. Next time someone says, “Screw YOU!” or “Sit on it and spin!”, you can respond with, “Why, thank you – I think I just might.”

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