Grey/Black Cuddle Bean Aftercare Towel

$ 13.00

Product Manufacturer: byAnnaRae Made In The USA

A sister of the Cumpanion towel, the Cuddle Bean is designed with aftercare in mind but on a smaller scale.

Cuddle Bean has been created for individual clean up, stores easily for spontaneous moments and packs neatly into a suitcase for the fun away from home. Don't leave your aftercare at home!

Appearance: Cuddle Bean is small in size (8" x 13"), elliptical in shape and made of the same opulent microfiber and trimming as the Cumpanion. Although similar in size to a washcloth, the Cuddle Bean is not to be overlooked for your aftercare needs.

Wash: Simply toss in the hamper or washing machine with the rest of your laundry.